Terms and Conditions of cooperation with the program AzinoMoney


  1. By starting to cooperate with the AzinoMoney Affiliate Program affiliates undertake to read and accept the present terms of program.
  2. Affiliates consent that the Affiliate Program reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without any prior notification. Terms and Conditions published on the website shall be considered effective as of the present moment. The history of the changes of rules is not tracked.
  3. By accepting Terms and Conditions of the Affiliate Program affiliates confirm to be of legal age.
  4. All the confidential information required to enter the Affiliate Program system (login and password) shall be secured by the Program AzinoMoney at its sole discretion. AzinoMoney shall not be responsible for the loss of login and password by Affiliates.
  5. The Affiliate Program reserves the sole right to refuse to cooperate with Affiliates without any reasons being provided.
  6. Affiliates consent that all the evaluations and calculation of AzinoMoney as far as the Commission of the participant is concerned, are final and not subject to appeal unless obvious mistakes are observed.
  7. Affiliates of the Program AzinoMoney are forbidden to use spam as the marketing instrument. In the event of any violation of this rule the Affiliate program reserves the right to block Affiliate’s account, terminate the cooperation and not to pay Affiliates any funds which are left on the account.
  8. Affiliates are forbidden to have an account in the casino of the Affiliate Program. In the event of any violation of this rule the user’s account in the Affiliate Program will be blocked and the funds will be written off.
  9. In the capacity of marketing materials, the Affiliate Program offers only graphic materials; the text description to it shall be provided by Affiliates. The participant can use only modified materials on the websites of the Program and in the casino lobby. Word-for-word reproduction can result in termination of the cooperation.
  10. Affiliates are forbidden to register themselves as the referrals. Failing that, both affiliate’s and referral’s account will be blocked and the funds will be written off.
  11. It’s prohibited to the affiliates to use for advertising purposes domains assotiated with the name of casino brands. Otherwise, the affiliate’s account will be blocked, and funds will be holded.


In the event of a dispute the Affiliate Program AzinoMoney shall be ready to consider and accept observations and arguments of the participants objectively and non-prejudicially. The decision made by the Affiliate Program is considered final and not subject to appeal.


The affiliate’s earning is the part of the casino net revenue from the players which are referred to the website by the Affiliate. According to the system of qualification the earning is 30%, and it can grow with the increase in turnover.


The calculation period of the AzinoMoney program lasts from the 1 to the 1 day of every month (29-31 days). The payment for the calculation period takes place within the first days of every month. AzinoMoney guarantees on time payments and that the fund will be transferred to the affiliate’s account. The payments out of the calculation period are available only for the participants of the VIP-program.


Casino is a website that offers services to organize and carry out gambling games on the Internet.

Affiliate (participant) is a user (a natural or juristic person) who has registered and accepted the proposal of cooperation on the website azinomoney.com and who is engaged in advertising casino services on the Internet.

Players are the users who visit the casino website by following the affiliate’s link and who pass the registration.

The affiliate program is a marketing division of the company (in the given case it is AzinoGroup), specializing in attracting customers to the company websites through the affiliate services.

Earning is the affiliate’s commission from the casino revenue which is received from the players they refer.

Payment is the transfer of the funds earned by the affiliate from his/her account in the Affiliate program to the external payment system.

Calculation period is the time span when the funds earned by the affiliate are being accumulated and calculated to be further transferred to the external payment systems.

Marketing materials are tools which are used by the Affiliates to advertise websites services which are offered by the Affiliate Program on the Internet.