News and events of the affiliate program

  • Changes on cost clearing page

    Good afternoon, dear affiliates! We have made considerably easier the work with financial part in the affiliate program. At the moment, you can create templates of payments and order payout including all of your funds which is available for withdraw. You can read more about new features in the news.

  • Changing in the top system

    Good afternoon, dear affiliates. The system of top has been changed on the affiliate program. Now the top on the main page includes partners with maximum total income for the billing period. Aе the moment, all partners can be displayed in this top by default. If you want to change the default settings, you can uncheck the box "Displaying a nickname in top webmasters" in your profile on the affiliate program.

  • Blocking of domain

    Good afternoon, dear affiliates. The domain was blocked by Roskomnadzor. If you have used this domain, you should change it in your affiliate links on the domain (add "1" to the domain) to avoid the lost of traffic. Also, you can get new links on an Archive in the page Promo. We do apologize for any inconvenience.

  • The correction of AdminFee

    Good afternoon, dear affiliates. AdminFee was corrected. Some bonuses were removed from AdminFee, and because of that your statistics for this and previous periods can be changed. The statistics will be recalculated, if your players have got these bonuses.

  • The limits for WRM

    Good afternoon, dear affiliates. The limits for WRM will be temporarily reduced because of the optimization of payments. Instead of 60000 RUB in one withdraw, can be ordered 15000 RUB in one withdraw. It’s temporally solution, we do apologize for any inconvenience.